ace of hearts

Misery loves company, and company loves more. More loves everybody else but hell was others. I'm not for you, you're not for me. I'll kill you first, you wait and see, you devil undercover. You're not a prince, you're not a friend, you're just a child. And in the end you're one more selfish lover.
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Basic Information
Full Name. Grace 'Gracie' Hart
Nickname. Ace of Hearts
Age. 33

Species. Wonderlandean
Gender. Female
Sexuality. Homosexual

Height. 5'04"
Build. Slim, waif, near underweight
Hair. Red/Pink (dyed)
Eyes. Hazel

Hometown. Never not known Monarchy of Hearts.
Currently In. Castle of Hearts
Gracie wears her appearance well; that is, she's designed herself to suit her placement in the Monarchy of Hearts. She favours red, dying her naturally brown hair in vibrant reds and pinks, decorating herself with hearts, in patches or little painted ones on her cheeks.

She's pale, with a slim frame, primarily for her dancers hobby and contortionist background, and she loves to wear frills and ruffles, the bigger the better, and no shoes. She regularly has a grin on her face, sometimes a little manic, sometimes a little forced.

Spends hours doing her hair.
Gracie is a free spirit, she's energetic and lively, lives entirely in the moment and embraces the freedom and joy that each day brings. Her general happy go lucky disposition isn't an act, it's an embracing of being responsible for her own happiness, she can wallow and sulk like most, but chooses to brush it off quickly, learn from whatever happened and find some light somewhere that can make her cling to a more positive influence.

Gracie is a loyal and loving friend, she's adventurous and outgoing and regularly does what she can to help those she cares about to embrace the best they can in life. She'll take time from whatever she's doing to help others in need. Occasionally called 'nosy', she's a very inquisitive person, wide eyed and loving to learn and expand on her skills, Gracie doesn't turn away from tasks that she could learn something from.

However, she can be a little scatterbrained, sometimes forgetting something she's meant to do in favour for something she wants to do, something that can get her in a little bit of bother from time to time. She reacts impulsively and wildly, taking things a little too far sometimes and lacking a proper care for things like schedules and jobs.

Talented with creative arts, music and performance, Gracie is a natural entertainer. Things like logic and rational thinking escape her a little more often than not, giving her a very carefree and moderately dizzy reputation.
Gracie suffers from tachyphrasia, more commonly called 'cluttering', which is an irregularity with her speech. It affects her rhythm and usually results in rapid speech and unconnected terms being used. Communication is somewhat difficult at times, those who cannot keep pace with Grace's leaps in language often give up.

Cluttering is not like stammering; Gracie can get the words out, it's just that her brain leaps from one to the next without her mouth necessarily filling it in. For Gracie, it tends to present in rapid speech, dropped articulation and skipping words -this is only when she's speaking, Grace is able to think in a regular pattern and understand what she wants to say, but then she rushes through it, often like she can't get the words out fast enough.

There isn't a treatment for cluttering, occasionally, Grace can force herself to slow down, but she needs to put in conscious effort. Which can become frustrating and hamper her articulation again.
Grace has always known the Queen's Court as home; as volatile and spontaneous as things can be, it became a life she was most accustomed to.
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